Beatles Mania: Here’s Stella McCartney’s “All Together Now” Fashion Range

The Beatles - Paul Mccartney, George Harrison, John Lennon, and Ringo Starr. Photo by Granger/REX/Shutterstock (8754325a)

Stella McCartney, daughter of Sir Paul McCartney himself, has launched a fashion collection inspired by The Beatles’ film Yellow Submarine.

The “luxury sustainable” collection is inspired by the colorful, psychedelic graphics of the movie. More than this, re-watching the film provoked a profound emotional reaction which exists at the core of the new range.

Recalling her experience rewatching the movie, McCartney said: “I recently went to a screening with family and friends for the digital relaunch of ‘Yellow Submarine’. I hadn’t seen it since I was young, and honestly, it blew my mind.

“It affected me in a way I just wasn’t expecting. Especially this idea of connecting people and bringing people together – politically this message has never been more relevant. So, I came out and I was like ‘I have to do something.’”

She continued: “The colours and the psychedelia and the patterns and the prints! It translated effortlessly into the ready-to-wear. It’s an emotional and authentic collection and it really crosses over.”

You can shop the collection here.