Bastille Share the Meaning Behind Their New Single “Doom Days”

Bastille performing at Reading Festival in 2017. Photo by Richard Isaac/REX/Shutterstock (9026559hn)

Bastille has revealed the real meaning and inspiration behind their latest single “Doom Days.”

The track shares a name with the band’s upcoming album. The lyrics criticize our overuse of technology and get pretty dark and hopeless. They are also pretty self-deprecating.

You can watch the official video here:

“We wanted to really cement what is that you might be trying to escape,” Smith told NME. “So if the album is about a night out and it’s about escapism, I think we got to the end of the process and felt like it was really important to identify quite specifically what these modern anxieties that we all face are. Some of which feel really serious and oppressive and some of which are kind of ridiculous and mundane.”

He added: “It just felt really important coming off the back of the last album that we’d done – addressing escapism and addressing hedonism as a tool to avoid the things in the world and in the news and in your life, like your own personal daily worries. It just felt like we needed to be quite real with it.

“So I wanted to write this rolling script of these worries and take the p**s out of it and poke fun at ourselves. I’m one of the worst people for being glued to my phone. Anyone that spends time with me will know that and everyone is constantly ripping me for it, which is completely fair enough cos it’s a bit awful. So I wanted to address that.”

Doom Days will be released on June 14 this year.