Arctic Monkeys Albums Ranked from Worst to Best

Arctic Monkeys at The Brit Awards, O2 Arena, London, 19 Feb 2014. Photo by David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock (3585785ib)

In May, Arctic Monkeys released one of the most anticipated records of 2018 – their sixth studio album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. After listening to the album for an extended period, we began wondering how this record compares to the band’s previous works. Few sleepless nights and gallons of coffee later, we brought you a definitive list of Arctic Monkeys albums ranked from worst to best. You probably didn’t ask for it, but now that it’s there, you may as well give it a look. Let’s get started.

Humbug (2009)

Humbug introduced Arctic Monkeys to new sounds and styles, but the band didn’t sound too comfortable with them on this record. Despite this, it remains an album that is worthy of your time and essential step in the band’s journey to becoming one of the most important groups of their generation.
Standout Moment: “Cornerstone”

Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino (2018)

Maybe you didn’t expect to see Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino so early, but it is what it is. The album is very divisive since Arctic Monkeys did a lot of experimenting on this one. It is a strange record that you’ll either love or hate. We are somewhere in between.
Standout Moment: “She Looks Like Fun”

Suck It and See (2011)

For most bands, Suck It and See would be one of their best works ever. But for Arctic Monkeys, this excellent record just wasn’t a groundbreaking work, but only an album where they didn’t make any missteps.
Standout Moment: “Library Pictures”

Favourite Worst Nightmare (2007)

Released more than 10 years ago, Favourite Worst Nightmare was a fast-paced album with a hint of melancholy that cemented the status of Arctic Monkeys as one of the most exciting new bands in rock music.
Standout Moment: “Do Me a Favour”

AM (2013)

Most people will tell you that AM is the band’s greatest work that will never be topped. And they wouldn’t be wrong since this record is perfectly tailored to appeal to both mainstream audience and hardcore fans. But it still doesn’t make it the best.
Standout Moment: “R U Mine?”

Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not (2006)

Because Arctic Monkeys’ debut album Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not deserves to be at the top of our list. This isn’t a knock on the things that they accomplished later in their career or a proof that they never got better as a band. They did, but Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not was just a perfect mixture of youth, relatable lyrics, and catchy tunes. Everything fit together, and we got an almost perfect album that doesn’t have a bad song on it.
Standout Moment: “I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor”