A Day to Remember Will Branch Out to New Directions on Next Album

A Day To Remember in concert. Photo by Olly Stabler/Shutterstock (10371698as)

A Day to Remember really kept their fans waiting for their upcoming studio album, but the wait is almost over, and they’re promising a refreshing and versatile new record that’s unlike anything they’ve done before.

The band’s frontman Jeremy McKinnon recently discussed the new album, You’re Welcome, with NME and said they tried to find a perfect balance between heavy and poppier songs. “It’s the first time in a long time that it has felt fresh. There are songs on this album that are mixes of things that I don’t know exist yet. We branch out in directions we never have before, and it’s executed better than things we’ve done before. I just think they’re better songs,” McKinnon explained.

You’re Welcome still doesn’t have an official release date, and the ADTR singer said that it’s all “still up in the air” because they’re trying to get the artwork done. Each of their previous albums had a unique visual identity, and McKinnon explained that it’s important for them to continue this legacy and that’s the main thing that’s holding up the album’s release.