2017 was a unique year for R&B music. While female artists notably dominated other genres, for R&B, it was the first year since 1983 that no women made the top 10.

However, even in the boy’s club environment, some were bound to stand out above the rest. Drake and Migos were the top two R&B hitmakers that ruled the charts with an iron fist.

For all of the four years, Drake has topped the list (with the last three occurring consecutively), Drake has consistently proven the benefits of getting in touch with your sensitive side. His 2017 release “More Life” only further cemented his reputation as the reigning king of silky-smooth tunes, rocketing him straight to the top of Billboard’s year-end list.

Migos are newcomers but managed to sustain their uproarious success from the previous year all throughout 2017, partially in thanks to a well-timed meme that started their year on the right foot.

After lyrics from their hit single “Bad And Boujee” spawned a wave of internet jokes (and even a Golden Globes shoutout from fellow Atlanta native Donald Glover), it seemed as though the slick rap trio could do nothing but win.