Taylor Swift Takes Us to a Dreamy Wonderland in the Music Video for “Lavender Haze”

Taylor Swift at the American Music Awards in 2018
Taylor Swift at the American Music Awards in 2018. Photo by John Salangsang/BFA/REX/Shutterstock (9919915hb)

“Lavender Haze” emerged as one of the biggest hits from Taylor Swift’s new album Midnights and she finally graced us with a music video for this song. Swift’s new self-directed visual is as whimsical as it gets and it will take you to a dreamy wonderland.

“Lavender Haze” opens with Swift’s waking up next to her love interest, played by Laith Ashley, and finding herself surrounded by lavender mist. The lavender motifs are a constant presence in the video, along with purple clouds, meant to symbolize the feeling of being head over heels in love.

When explaining the meaning behind this song, Swift revealed she stumbled upon the phrase “lavender haze” while watching Mad Men. She learned it was commonly used to describe the feeling of being in love during the ‘50s and she felt it sounded cool.

As for the song’s lyrics, she hinted they drew inspiration from her relationship with Joe Alwyn, adding a lot of people have to deal with strangers weighing in on their relationships in the age of social media.

“When you’re in the ‘Lavender Haze,’ you’ll do anything to stay there and not let people bring you down off of that cloud… So this song is sort of about the act of ignoring that stuff to protect the real stuff,” explained Swift on Instagram.