Taylor Swift Becomes “The Man” In Her Latest Music Video

Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards. Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock (10369398v)

We’re used to getting awesome music videos from Taylor Swift by this point, but her latest proved she has a couple more tricks up her sleeve. The empowering video for her new single “The Man” is here, and you would’ve never guessed who plays the lead role.

Swift’s self-directed music video follows your classic Wall Street dude-bro, who enjoys showing off, taking up other’s people space, partying all day long, and throwing temper tantrums – with no consequences.

The main goal of the video – like the song itself – is to point out obvious double standards in society. It presents the type of behavior that leads to public scrutiny if you’re a woman, despite the fact that most men get a free pass for acting this way.

The biggest surprise came at the very end of the clip when it was revealed that Swift didn’t just direct the video. She also disguised herself into “The Man” by wearing prosthetic makeup that took hours to apply.

Like many of her previous videos, this one also features a bunch of Easter eggs and celebrity cameos. Most notably, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was in charge of voicing the lead character.