Steel Panther Will Drop Ultimate Party Album This Fall

Steel Panther in concert. Photo by Ralph Arvesen/Shutterstock (9761447w)

Members of Steel Panther, the funniest metal band working today, are getting ready to drop their next album this fall, and they are promising a record filled with party anthems.

Los Angeles-based band picked the name Heavy Metal Rules for their next record, and we’ll have to wait until September 27th to hear it in full. They released an official statement announcing this record and teased what seems like their most exciting album to date.

Heavy Metal Rules is the ultimate party album. Anthem after anthem and hook after hook, the songs will provide the soundtrack to your new bitchin’ heavy metal life.”

According to band’s frontman Michael Starr, this record should’ve been here much sooner, but they had to start working on it from scratch after accidentally deleting the entire thing. We’re not 100% sure if he’s serious or not, due to Steel Panther’s twisted sense of humor, but Starr claims he remembered all the lyrics and they eventually got back on track.