Phoebe Bridgers Says Her Next Album Feels “Weirdly Like a Sequel”

Phoebe Bridgers performs at Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco in 2019. Photo by RMV/Shutterstock (10359830at)

It’s already been three years since Phoebe Bridgers dropped her debut studio album, and its follow up is finally on the way. The indie singer admitted this record feels “weirdly like a sequel” because it explores similar themes as her first.

The Los Angeles-based artists discussed her upcoming record in a recent interview with DIY Magazine and revealed it explores many dark themes that she already tackled in the past.

“I basically write the same song over and over and then look to my producers and my bandmates to help me make them sound different. None of it is super surprising to anyone who has listened to my music,” said Bridgers.

The singer mentioned she has one song about being locked out of her house, and another about the apocalypse, but exploring dark themes doesn’t necessarily mean her songs aren’t uplifting.

Bridgers thinks they may seem depressing on paper, but sound a little bit more victorious once you actually here them – but you’ll judge for yourself once her album comes out.