Papa Roach Drops Music Video for New Version of “Broken As Me”

Papa Roach's Jacoby Shaddix in 2019.
Papa Roach's Jacoby Shaddix in 2019. Photo by John D Shearer/Shutterstock (10370851m)

It’s been years since Papa Roach dropped the hit single “Broken As Me”, and they recently came up with a way to make it even better. The band recorded another version with Asking Alexandria‘s Danny Worsnop, and the music video for this re-issue is finally here.

“Broken As Me” was originally released in 2015 as the promotional single from the band’s eighth album F.E.A.R. The new version with Worsnop is featured on Papa Roach’s new album Greatest Hits Vol. 2: The Better Noise Years, which came out on March 19th.

Collaborating with Danny Worsnop on the remastered version of the song was a no-brainer according to the band’s frontman Jacoby Shaddix. They wanted to do it for a while now, and things came together naturally after Papa Roach and Asking Alexandria toured together.

“We thought of Danny first when listening to some of the deeper cuts on the album. With the pandemic in full swing, Danny was down right away. He’s one of the best vocalists in rock music, so we’re happy he said yes,” explained Shaddix while discussing the collaboration with Worsnop.