Drax Project’s Debut Album Out Now

Sam Thomson, Shaan Singh, Matt Beachen, and Ben O'Leary of Drax Project. Photo by Larry Marano/Shutterstock (9928311e)

New Zealand’s Drax Project has finally released their debut album!

The band, formed in 2014, came to prominence in 2017 with the single “Woke Up Late”. They have since released a chain of successful songs, gaining fans all over the world with their unique blend of jazz, R&B and pop. And now they’ve just released their first full-length album, the eponymous Drax Project.

“We started writing some of the songs on this album two and half years ago, and some of them we finished just a month or two before release day,” the band wrote on Genius. “The songs have grown with us over time and feels like a journey to us. Songs like Toto we wrote on the first day we could quit our day jobs to do music full time, to Holiday which we wrote about being away from home and our friends and families. So stoked to finally have it out in the world.”

The band additionally added their thoughts and background information to each track on the album. For example, of the song “Relax”: “This one’s about reassuring someone that they don’t need to worry about you or what you’re up to. There’s a big clue in the title of what the vibe is; we can imagine bumping this in a convertible while cruising by the beach.”

Listen to “Relax” below: